Pamela MuñozPamela

PhD student

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1.- Formation 

2017-present. Interdisciplinary PhD in Environmetal Sciences (UPLA) - PhD in Marine Sciences and Applied Science (Universidad de Alicante (UA), Spain). Supervisors: Dr. Claudio Sáez Avaria (UPLA) - Dr. José Luis Sánchez Lizaso.

2013 Masters Degree in Biology of Fungi, Algae and Plants at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

2009 Marine Biologist at the Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile.

2008 Marine Sciences at the Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile.

2.- Research areas

- Biological stress

- Global change

- Ecophysiology

- Photobiology

- Phycology

My research is focused on the effects of climate change on the ecophysiological aspects in marine photosynthetic organisms, mainly macroalgae. I have worked mainly with the stress generated by temperature, pH and UV radiation on the photosynthetic responses of seaweeds, measured through fluorescence of chlorophylls. In addition, I have analyzed general biochemical aspects of stress, as the generation of antioxidants and phlorotannins. Over time, I have performed tests with macroalgae species from tropical, Antarctic and subantartic latitudes. In my PhD I am evaluating ecological, ecophysiological and metabolic effects of brines derived from desalination processes on marine macroalgae.

3.- Articles

- Flores-Molina M.R., Muñoz P., Rautenberger R., Huovinen P., Gómez I. (2016) Stress tolerance of the endemic Antarctic brown alga Desmarestia anceps to UV radiation and temperature is mediated by high concentrations of phlorotannins. Journal Photochemistry & Photobiology 92: 455- 466. DOI: 10.1111/php.12580

- Horta P., Vieira-Pinto T., Martins C., Sissini M.,  Ramlov F., Lhullier C., Scherner F., Sanches P., Farias J.,  Bastos E., Bouzon J., Muñoz P.,Valduga E., Arantes N., Batista M., Riul P., Almeida R., Paes E., Fonseca A., Schenkel E., Rorig L., Bouzon Z, Bonomi J., Colepicolo P., Yokoya N., Copertino S., Oliveira E. (2012). Evaluation of impacts of climate change and local stressors on the biotechnological potential of marine macroalgae - a brief theoretical discussion of likely scenarios. (2012). Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy 22(4): 768-774.

- Muñoz P., Ambler R. & Bulboa C. (2011) Settlement, Survival and Post Larval Growth of Red Abalone, Haliotis rufescens on Polycarbonate Plates Treated with Germlings of Ulva sp. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 43 (6) 890-895

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