- 2017-2020: “Biochemical and molecular responses disclose mechanisms of Antarctic macroalgae to thrive under Climate Change”. INACH Regular Nro. RT_09_16. Investigador Principal: Dr. Claudio Sáez Avaria (LACER-UPLA). Co-investigadores: Dra. Paula Celis Plá (LACER-UPLA); Dra. Alejandra Moenne (USACH); Dr. Francisco Cubillos (USACH); Iván Gómez (UACH); Pirjo Houvinen (UACH); Dr. Neslo Navarro (UMAG); Dr. Murray T. Brown (Plymouth University, Reino Unido).


 - 2017: "Monitoreo ambiental del Rio Toltén, Chile, después del colapso de puente ferroviario de agosto del 2016". Proyecto de financiamiento público. Investigador Principal: Dr. Claudio Sáez Avaria. Co-investigadores: Dr. Paula Celis-Plá (LACER-UPLA)


- 2016-2019: “Transcriptome analyses reveal the basis of signal transduction involved in copper tolerance in the marine alga Ulva compressa (Chlorophyta) using Next Generation Sequencing Technologies”.  FONDECYT Iniciación Nro. 11160369. Investigador Principal: Dr. Claudio Sáez Avaria.


- 2018-2021: Brown algae physiological and metabolic responses to increased salinities provide insights of tolerance mechanisms and biomonitoring tools to evaluate the impact of brine discharges from desalination plants on coastal ecosystems. FONDECYT Postdoctorado #3180394. Principal investigator: Dr. Fernanda Rodríguez-Rojas. Sponsoring investigator: Dr. Claudio A. Sáez.

- 2016-2020: "Copper-induced expression of metallothioneins and synthesis of phytochelatins are involved in copper accumulation and tolerance in the marine macroalga Ulva compressa (Chlorophyta)". FONDECYT Regular Nro. 1160013. Investigador Principal: Dra. Alejandra Moenne (Universidad de Santiago de Chile). Co-investigador: Dr. Claudio Sáez Avaria.


- 2015-2016: “Efectos ecológicos y sociales de la contaminación por microbasurales en quebradas de Playa Ancha”. Convenio Desempeño UPA 1301. Investigador Principal: Dr. Claudio Sáez Avaria.






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