Manuel Martínez Lobos

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1.- Studies

2019. Present. Interdisciplinary PhD in Environmetal Sciences (UPLA)

2019. Master in Science, with mention in Free Radicals in Biomedicine from the University of Valparaíso, Chile.

2018. Professor of Chemistry and Science. University of Playa Ancha.

2017. Degree in Education. University of Playa Ancha.

2.- Research areas

- Natural products

- Chemistry

- Oxidative stress

- Biomedicine

The research area in which I have worked is framed in the evaluation of natural products, from their content of phytoconstituents, antioxidant activity to anticancer activity, through spectrophotometric techniques that seek to introduce the content of phytoconstituents as an adjuvant in treatments against cancer. I have enhanced these analyzes in endemic vascular plants that are commonly used by Mapuche or traditional medicine.

At the moment I am preparing the research of what will be my doctoral thesis, in it I incorporate, to what has already been mentioned above, the environmental component, from the point of view of stressors emitted by human beings to the environment and as in presence of these the plants are able to acclimatize, bio-synthesizing different phytoconstituents that allow them to cope with high levels of contamination. In addition to evaluating these compounds as potential adjuvants for the treatment of cancer in people found in these areas affected by pollution.

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