Elvira G. VergaraEGVergara

PhD Student

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1.- Studies

2020. present. Interdisciplinary PhD in Environmetal Sciences, University of Playa Ancha, Valparaíso.

2019. Master in Chemistry, University of Santiago de Chile.

2016. Diploma in Environmental Analysis and Management, EULA Center, University of Concepción.

2015.Marine Biologist, University of Concepción.

2014. Degree in Marine Biology, University of Concepción.

2.- Research areas

- Aquatic ecotoxicology

- Organic pollutants

- Environmental chemistry

My area of ​​research is focused on the dynamics of organic pollutants from natural and anthropogenic sources. Thus, I have studied the accumulation of persistent organic pollutants in different species of pinnipeds from Antarctica, which have arrived there by means of atmospheric transport, and accumulate in different organisms through the diet. In addition, I have analyzed the dynamics of mercury in Patagonia. Measuring the organic form of this metal, methylmercury, dissolved in water and accumulated in aquatic organisms of animal and plant origin, and how physicochemical factors in water influence the bioavailability of this compound in the aquatic environment. Now, I am interested in evaluating the effect of metals, such as mercury, on the physiology of aquatic organisms through the analysis of molecular markers in fish.

3.- Articles

- E.G. Vergara, V. Hernández, K.R. Munkittrick, R. Barra, C. Galban-Malagon, G. Chiang. 2019. Presence of organochlorine pollutants in fat and scats of pinnipeds from the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands, and their relationship to trophic position,Science of The Total Environment,Volume 685, 1276-1283.

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